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Carnarian.com Carnarian is the proper term for a normal person who believes that it is ok for a sentient being (like a human) to own, and use as a resource, another sentient being (like a dog, cat, cow, pig, etc.).

Carnarians include using non-human sentient beings for our food resources (for example, milk, cheese, eggs, bacon and beefstake). Or using their resources to wear (ex. lether, silk, fur, etc).

Likewise using non-human sentiemt beings as a resource for our entertainment (like animal performers in movies, TV shows, circuses and ocean parks), is perfectly okay!

Any Terran (Earth Human), who uses any product dirived from, or made from work like in sweat shops, even by slave or child labor of any sentient being (animal), would not be considered appropreate for Anticarnivorist (crazy, oppressive, terrorist, vegans), however, any of these are approprate for the Carnarian to use.

Carnarianism is inclusive, Anticarnivorist (vegans) who wear leather, or silk, or watch movies, or TV shows with animals in them, would not be considered vegan by some other vegans, but they are Carnarians, even if they do not eat meat. Vegetarians that only eat veggies, fruit and cheese, are actually Carnarians as cheese is an animal product.

Carnarians are normal people, we are inclusive of almost all Terrans!

Terrans are humans from the Earth!
Carnarianism.com Carnarianism.com is the future website to help people live and spread the Carnarianism Message of a Normal Lifestyle!